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Nintendroid History...

     I began long ago, emulating retro games on a PC. When the “Android Box” came out several years back, I knew it was going to be HUGE! Now, it’s 2022 and both Android and single board computers have come a long way! Now we have Android boxes, Firesticks, Nvidia Shield, mobiles, tablets, and many single board computer options, as well all the shapes and sizes of PC's! Best of all, all of these can be your own personal entertainment system and retro emulation console: the "Nintendroid Entertainment System."

     Today, we show you how to make your own with almost any Windows, Android, Fire TV, Android TV, x86 based, or Chromebox device! You can now play all your favorite retro games, on your mobile device or TV absolutely FREE with our extensive library of files for all devices!

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